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Mojo Nixonisms

My cerebellum slobbering...

9 September
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I haven't really come to terms with the person I am today. However, I can give you a pretty good description of my current tastes, which should give you a ball-park estimate. Shall we?

My name is Chris and I'm a biology (pre-med) major at UTSA. I was once told that I'd get into medical school, so if that doesn't work I'd like to go into some other medical profession or research of some kind. My favorite cereal is Post Fruity Pebbles, with Cocoa-Puffs coming in a distant second. I'm a devout Catholic, but personally feel that having faith is more important than any rituals or ceremonies. In my eyes, God is God, Allah, Buddha, Christ, and that fat elephant who dances wildly! My favorite band is Incubus. I've collected all of their songs and have seen them live in concert. I don't like to purchase music, for I think many untalented musicians (rappers, pop singers, etc.) make way too much money these days. I'm 20 years old. I used to work at Sea World a long time ago, for a total of 3 days! Other than those 3 days, I've never been employed. Despite wanting to vote for John Kerry in the upcoming election, I'm a pretty conservative person in many aspects of my life. Although, I've come to the conclusion that American politics has little intrinsic value in our lives (unless you count polarizing the masses to achieve your own ends). Don't confuse me for being an anarchist, I'm just keepin it real! Anyways...I have a dog named Pepper. I like Mexican food. I don't speak Spanish fluently, which hopefully will change after I'm done with college. I play tennis and basketball. I'm heterosexual, so please don't hit on me if you are gay. We can still be friends. To sum up everything, I'm pretty old school, which in my opinion, is the way everything should be. You can't go wrong with the old school, i.e. ace of base and such.