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man i need to start LJ writing again. i can't write artsy and cute anymore because i've been reading and writing science reports the whole damn semester. meh.

complaints aside, my mom won a $5000 shopping spree at rolling oaks mall last week. the contest was through the SA spurs organization. we had 1 hour to hit up as many stores as humanly possible with that god damn spurs coyote chasing us. it was fun, but i really do hate that coyote. he'd get in our way and distract the cashiers and delay the time we had to go between stores. too bad he didn't know i was a lakers fan...muahahha. anyway, when all was said and done, i ended up getting an FM transmitter, some nice preppy clothes from american eagle, ipod accesories, pumas, and a $200 lightsaber. plus, i may get my eyebrow pierced from this piercing store they have down there. yay for being rebellious. as for everyone else, mom got herself a nice ass purse and some jewelry--as did my sister. dad splurged on the powertools and yard shit. we just bought my nephew, well, books...lawl. poor kid didn't realize we probably had enough cash to buy him a library of PS2 games, but education and reading is more important at his age. it was my idea. i'd be such a good father. i want to be your baby's daddy. fuck i need a woman in my life.

anyway, i'm proud of my nephew thus far. he's about to finish kindergarten and he's the best reader in his class according to his teacher. he just needs to work on his behavior, but so do most kids his age. he's really into trains right now...i have no idea why. maybe he'll be an engineer when he grows up. when i was young, i wanted to be an astronaut. i still kinda do, but you have to be a math/engineering person for that kind of that. now that im done with physics, i really hope to never set foot in a math class again.

in other news, i haven't made up my mind yet about arlington...although i'm about 70% sure im going. i need some fancy research to put on my resume. claiborne's lab was good, but this should be the icing on the cake. i'm still undecided about the whole premed thing though. at this point i'll just see where everything takes me. if i dont do arlington, i'll probably try to cram in some summer classes this semester.

uhh yeah that's it. bye.
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