Chris (mojonixon) wrote,

In memory of my grandfather

My grandpa passed away a few days ago. We already had the funeral and everything, but I still feel like he's here with us. It hurts so much to walk by his room and see it bed, no pictures, no tv blaring loudly in Spanish...nothing. You know, I'll be honest. There were times when he severely got on my nerves. Taking care of him, feeding him, changing him...all of that took it's toll on me. Granted, my mom and my sister took care of him a lot more than I did, but when the time came for me to help it was still a hard thing for me to do. In spite of that burden and other ill-feelings I may have had, I'm so proud of him and the life he lived. After coming from mexico, he worked 40 years for the Coke company. He wasn't in an executive position or anything like that, but he just labored day and night loading up vending machines, driving trucks, delivering packages...all the blue collar stuff. Imagine doing that for 40 years. I can't even do blue-collar work for a day before I start bitching. And that's what I admire so much about him. He never bitched or complained about anything. He took what life gave him and made something out of it. Because he worked such long hours, he was able to afford Catholic school for his 6 children. And during that time he made it a priority to learn the English language so he could teach it to his children and give them better opportunities than he had. The result? They all turned out very successful. Two of my uncles graduated from UT with engineering degrees, my other uncle received a purple heart in vietnam. Before my aunt passed away, she was a highly respected social worker. Even my mom earned a business degree (although she quit working when she had me). It just warms my heart to see how someone like him, who wasn't well respected by his family or his peers, who wasn't charismatic, who wasn't in a "prestigious" career, could impact so many people and help pave the way for their success. I'm so proud of him. Lately I've been complaining for a while that I haven't felt inspired to do anything. Through his passing he has given me so much pride in my family and in my culture that I feel more inspired than I ever have before. I'll always love him for that. God rest his soul.
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