Chris (mojonixon) wrote,

stop the motherf*ckn presses

*dusts off keyboard*

Hello everyone. I haven't updated in about 5 weeks, which in livejournal time corresponds to three and a half years. Since you can now assure yourself that I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, I suppose I'll let you in on all the the activities that have kept me away from valuable computer time. The first of these is school. School sucks ass this semester, and it appears as if my 4.0 reign is about to come to a close because of BIO III. Suprisingly, I don't mind it too much because i like that class the most. I've learned so much. My professor is an environmental lawyer and knows his shit. My other classes are going pretty well, and so far physics isn't destroying me as I thought it would be. Speaking of dstruction, the chem II class I SI for will be responsible for the destruction of...oh...let's see...130 grade point averages. The professor is new and has no idea what the hell she is doing. The result? Nobody scored higher than a 55 on the first exam. I guess what pisses me off is this sorta makes me look bad as their SI leader. In reality, I do not have the time nor patience to relecture every single topic covered in that class. The one thing that did assuage my fear was that the topics that I did cover in SI my frequent attendees had no problem with on the exam. Unfortunately, it still didn't stop them from filing complaints to the chemistry department about her. Some people can be so cruel.

Those things aside, I finally got a job in a lab. I won't be getting paid, so I guess "job" isn't the appropriate word to use for it. Nor will I be somebody's monkey boy and fetch things while they do all the important work. Hence, I wouldn't say it's "volunteering" either. Whatever it is I think I'm in store for something cool. The professor does research on all the morphological/chemical aspects of neurons and their affects on cognitive ability in rats and mice. It's a mouthful, but I'm just glad to be a part of something after looking for so long.

Hmm..anything else...oh yeah, I picked up trash on the side of the road the other day, and then I assisted bikers in some marathon thing. It was fun.

So it turns out I have a life now, but I still haven't gotten laid or ass-numbingly drunk. Some things never change.
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